I don't know if this is a bug. Tournament message in the middle of quick play (ranked)


I got a message about the upcoming tournament (23 March), in the middle of a match in quick play (ranked). I glimpsed the message and skipped it in panic for losing rank points. I assume it was not intended to show up in the middle of a match.

And would it be possible to know what was written in the message?


Hi, sorry for making it pop up during a match :joy: a have to send this message personally to everyone and didn’t look at every single timestamp. I am sorry if you lost any rank because of it.

Dear player,

You have signed up for the official tournament (All powers tournament). It will take place on Saturday 23 March at 20:00 CET. Please arrive on time. If you don’t have time, please cancel early.

Yours sincerely,

It basically is just a reminder :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, thanks.

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