I can't log into my main


Hi guys
I need help
I tried to use a email address that I already had for a alt account, and when I edited my email for my MAIN account to the one for the alt, IDK what happened, but now I can’t log into my main anymore. Fantastic. I swear to god tho, if I lose my 50$ worth in skins and battle passes, im saying goodbye to my curving days.
Please Help Me.


Umh… So if u cant log in… Maybe deleting the email from the alt will help? Idk… Dont do this idk will this work…


Have you tried to use both, your old and new email to login? If yes, then maybe you have accidentally wrote a different email and changed it on your main account (which would be a big problem). Try to remember what you’ve wrote if both of your emails don’t work.


I did this :frowning:


Since ur a mod, can you maybe reset my account for me? I know my username and password. I’ll email it to you.


Mods do not have the rights to do that as far as I remember. However If you send us proof that it is your account (screenshots, email you think is being used, password, username…) Geert might be able to do something. You will have to provide an email you want to change the current one as well. Please write a support email for this!



Dude I believe you, but you have to write a support email otherwise the devs won’t help you… and put the info I requested there! Not publicly on the forum…


what do you mean?


Where do I write a support email?


[email protected]


Where do I write the email?


Send me a link please with where I am supposed to write the email.


You just have to send an email to the above address :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck.