I can't even get in curve xD


So when I tried getting in Curve it said host error so I am unable to get in the game :confounded:


yea i know the server is offline for some reason :expressionless:



it shows me kind of error



Someone help!


No clue what this is, I will try to get some info and inform you asap :frowning: but does not look too good I guess!e


Alright guys it seems like the game will be down for a while. The certificate has expired and has to be replaced which requires code changes. I no longer have access and therefore it will be a long process probably. I’m also on a trip this weekend so yeah it’ll probably be down for quite a bit. But it will be back up again.


Thanks, good luck


Any chance you can throw the team matches up as an option if you have to change the code? At first I hated them, now I’m missing them.


Back up again!


Yay game back up with lags…
(Ill post lags on another topic)