I bet making a topic will give me an achievement


… but I don’t care about achievements. In fact, I am the more not-caring about achievements person you’ll ever meet. Really, I don’t care about rating in the game, or my post count, or anything. I am basically a saint because of this.
For some idiotic reason, I don’t think that my own post is spam. I rationalize it, thinking that I am helping make a boring community more interesting. I don’t fully consider the consequences of my actions and about how bad posts lead to more bad posts in the future, preferring the argument that more posts lead to more posts in the future.
I therefore do the task of creating a (bad word omitted due to the children! Think of the children! To post a bad word is to expose them to a universe that we want to keep from them for as long as possible. Also, if you post bad words often, they will become meaning less, like normal words. You must reserve bad words for bad situations)post, and somehow believe that it will make me more cool in the community, or bring me towards my ultimate secret goal of becoming a mod, a goal that I do not have.
Readers of the post believe that it is an effort to make a statement, but they do not realize that the statement was not thought out. There is nothing really to complain about on the forums, they are fine, if a bit inactive, as all forums are quite inactive. You can tell that the post is not well thought out, because the perspective and opinions of the voice are inconsistent. Mods reading the post will consider removing the achievement (assuming an achievement is gotten) out of spite, but think better of it because it’s too much work.
Oh no I forgot to make actual content. At this point, the reader is certain this is a spam post. No post is so pointlessly rambling than a spam post. The reader does not know, however, that I am not a spam poster (see above for why I am a saint). In off-topic, you are supposed to post questions, forum games, music, or discuss other games/general things. I guess, I will try to hit all of these categories.
I was once a big fan of forum games, I hosted some RPGs and Strategy games. Forum games take a long time to run and I tend to get bored so I now tend to host relatively fast forum games that require more player commitment per day. I also want to be in school by next month. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know if you would prefer a game like this or like this . I think I had more to say, but I forgot it while re-reading those games. Something sarcastic that insults myself indirectly, probably. That would follow the pattern. I like forum games! Let me know if you are interested, and I will try to be a good host and start it in the next few days.
EDIT: I forgot music! I think this is a great song.


Yeah, I make the same mistake when I want to insult myself :joy:

I hope you got this achievement after all of this typing :3


I won’t read this can I get a synthesis?


I did not get an achievement :frowning:


Are you talking about the links? They are “RPG” and “Psychological Strategy” forum games
RPG: Like DnD basically
Strategy: Games that involve trying to win using psychology and talking to people through PMs and whatnot. Similar to the kind of gameplay you see in mafia, if you’ve played that, but it’s very different and more puzzly.
If you’re talking about the rest of the post, the synthesis is “Useless”


the resume is to prove that eveyone is capable to get an achievement by making anything :joy:


Man I really messed up if that was the reason, considering that I didn’t even get an achievement DX
Also, since there doesn’t seem to be interest, I probably won’t be making any forum games on the forum


Yeah,agree to the last quoted,there Is no interest in making this forum successful,at least in forum games subjects,and people Is mostly focusing on gameplay aspects😘