How to shoot in different directions?



So I’ve seen people who shoot their abilities to the left while they are moving to the right, for example. But for me, it is only possible to shoot in the direction that I am currently focusing at that moment. I wonder if I am missing something? I asked it a few times, but everyone just ignores the question or answers it with a stupid taunt.


to shoot in different direction you need different module, for example is you use the ability one shot, you will only be able to shoot ahead of you. but if you use side shot you will be able to shoot on the right and the left, but not ahead of you, you can also use side shot and one shot to shoot in 3 direction, well i dont know if you understand :slight_smile:


Yeah, I understand that. I think I know what confused me. I put my directional module on forward arrow key. Others may have put it on their backward arrow key, so they don’t shoot in the same direction that they’re moving to. Kappa


yeah its that, but it only work with fevers and mines :slight_smile:

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