How to play on Firefox?


For some reason, I am unable to play the game properly on Firefox. I’m using version 73.0 (64-bit).


The game works fine on Chrome, but I get better FPS on Firefox and want to uninstall Chrome. How can I fix this?


Maybe a hard refresh help, other then that I don’t know. I think on the forum was the same issue already, you might want to search for it, maybe there are better solutions!


I reinstalled Windows (and consequently Firefox) just a while back and that has not helped. I haven’t actually searched yet, which I will do now.

Edit: there doesn’t seem to be any forum topics that address the same problem, closest thing I found was low FPS but that’s not a problem for me.


If you search for firefox only, there are several topics on the forum which all seem to have issues playing on it. One of them might give u a solution other then that, I sadly can’t do too much for ya.


Does curve fever use javascript or WebGL to render the game? WebGL seems okay but JS is a bit dodgy.