How to obtain battle pass?


Battle Pass + 20 Tiers = 900 gems = 20 euros.
Is there another way to obtain it? (Because I obtain 10 gem per season, LOL)
I mean, as it is called “season”, I can suppose there will be 4 seasons per year?
And paying 80 euros per year for CFP, how to say, not for me…


You can win tournaments for gems. Also buying tiers is just a waste of money


Do like me: place top 3 in tournaments, win 400, buy battle pass for 400 gems, tier up from the 1st to the 50th tier, repeat. (works every time)


Thanks guys! It seems I have to learn and check about tournaments.


You don’t have to buy the +20 tier thingy. If you play consistently you will get to tier 50 probably without that


In the second season I bought battlepass with 20 tiers, then I bought tiers up to 50 :smiley: