How to launch homies/bombs super fast?



The question is in the title :wink:


You have to use power dash at the same time


And I also think you wanted to say homing not homies🤣


Ok thanks, but I know I already did it without Dash
And yes “homing” not “homies”, I’ve been playing this power for years and still can’t write it correctly :sweat_smile:


I believe it is not possible to do it without dash


Launching the homies real fast!

No to be honest you can speed up every Power with a power that gives you speed
You can dash + fever to make a fast fever or anything else that flies
You can also use Speed for a similar, yet not as fast as dash, effect
You can also use a speedy fever for the same effect

Tip: You can take a enemy speedy fever in the first round to use some of your own powers for a secure hit.
Or take enemy speedy first round to kill the one that shoot it at you for maximum pain inflicted


Yeah, speed fever or speed burst doesnt make it that different but dash really is the way too launch your homies homies :rocket: