How to get gud guide episode 1


Tips from the best to the best and from best to the worst this is the get gud guide and im
your host QTips1x tune in next tuesday to find out what happens


first off for all of you laggy last place losers change go to your setting and put .75 res it will take sometime to get used to but youll be fine, next go to where your name is and under your region click “play only in selected region” and if ur on 300 ping like me then ur screwed youll always be the same rank. READ THIS PART: CURVE FEVER PRO DOESNT WANT U TO WIN SO IF U AIR DEATH ON THE LAST ROUND THAT MEANS CFP IS OUT TO GET U. (thats not actually true the game just has loads of bs glitches)


yeah well i got from gold 2 to gold 4 and ive been gold 3 all day long so yeah thats bs to me


Minimize your screen to reduce lag and you can focus on the whole playing area more easily.


great advice from a diamondplayer hunter50756


Nah, i play in EU all the time, and I don’t lag to death :joy:
just avoid eu-043


meanie u know i dont have discord :rofl: