How to earn coins and gems?


How can we earn coins and gems in CF PRO? Is there any way to earn them, coz I get nothing for winning in the KO… Are we supposed to buy gems or coins? I guess You should give us some rewards for playing, coz for now i have no coins, no gems, cannot improve in game, which makes it unplayable. I realize that u put a lot of effort in this game and You wanna earn money for buying coins and gems by people, but giving nothing for grinding this game makes me wanna go back to CF3.

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Agreed, you earn crates in which you are required to wait until they unlock, or you use gems to open them immediately. The fact that you are forced to wait for your rewards unless you use gems is bothersome to me because there is no systematic way you can obtain large quantities of said gems. The only way to recieve gems and/or coins is by opening crates. But guess what. How do you open these crates? You have to wait for the crates to unlock which can take up to 2 days, based on my experience. Why would the devs do this? There are a few foreseeable reasons to why they built the progression system this way. The first and less radical explanation for this is simply that they desired to create a system with longevity. As Jos claimed earlier on discord, they intended to make it harder to unlock each ship so the progression would take a while, preventing players getting bored after playing the same ships over and over again, never receiving something new. The reason I don’t necessarily buy that is because if they truly wanted to prevent the game from getting boring, why the hell would they make it so difficult to level up? Talk about boredom… Being stuck with the same curves in cf3 forever and being unable to level up to the next ship in cfpro have the same affect on people. I think the devs wanted to make as much revenue as possible(don’t blame them they’re a company after all). By forcing players to wait, they play with human emotions. What happens when someone forces us to waot to recieve a gift? We begin to want it more. What happens when we want it more? We begin to do more in order to recieve it. I think that if the devs do not eliminate the wait time for our rewards, they won’t have a player base. Take this caveat wisely.


yeah the 10 gems inbetween every level isnt really nice, and the cheapest gem purchase is 6 dollars, frp 190 gems. along with that, if you were to count the number of gems earned up until llvl 58, it would be around 290 gems. i dont think gems are really ment to be earned for free in this game, and th e only thing they are really useful for is skins. nobody is gonna wanna buy the cheap skins because the whole point of skins is to stand out, but you cant get the pricy ones without spending multiple hours playing ot just paying. but oh well


I think saving up the gems at the start of the game would probably give you enough gems to buy a skin.


at lvl 58 if you saved up you couldnt buy a 400 gem skin


Yeah but you could buy a 100 gem skin.