How much longer is the current season going to last. can I buy vampire curve (only)


I want to make sure i have enough time to get vampire curve.
Is there going to be a time when i can just buy the vampire curve.


Open the Battlepass and it’ll show, so 2 more weeks from now.
And no, you can not purchase any of the items.
They are exclusive for the current battlepass.


I would consider making the items available at some point. Otherwise you punish players who only start playing CFP along the road, seeing the skins, icons etc. on a daily basis that they will never be able to get.


They will get others, when this battle pass is over a new one will come with other stuff…


What if there was a battle pass trailer for Curve Fever Pro?


stop being a default


i never had or have a skin because I is too cheap and dont have enough gems to buy the pass, i is not gucci enough to get robo either.


Would be helpful if devs give us a teaser from the upcoming battle pass (im debating if purchase it or not