How many trophies do you have? Write in the comment!



Haha, sorry not everybody can understand my methods. I don’t expect a harassing, simping, and straight-up clown to understand.


It’s fine, I don’t expect autistic 2 year old bozos to know how to use discobot.


I don’t expect 30-year-olds that still live in their parent’s basement to understand or comment on something they think they are an expert on. How about you stay out of my business like a good boy, and i’ll leave you to rot, sound good?


I’m sorry, I forgot that its rude to tease people with a mental disorder. Please forgive me?


I only forgive people that deserve to get forgiven. You don’t deserve anything except to slip into a coma.


I’m really sorry arctic. I forgot you were on your period. I know these mood swings of yours are caused by medical conditions that you can’t control, so I forgive you for being rude to me <3


I have all throphies.