How many trophies do you have? Write in the comment!



Are you lucky? or do you always play with stronger or less strong people?:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I’m unlucky! :sweat_smile: I play with strong people!


I’m playing mostly against tournament participants. Currently I have quite high rank of 1401 rp (gold 4). I had to sweat and cry to achieve this greatness :sunglasses:


You are fantastic! I have only 1108 trophy :rofl:πŸ₯²


I have 1808 trophies currently.


I have 0


You can’t have 0 trophy!! it always starts from 700 trophy :rofl::rofl:


You can go below 700 trophies. After you lose the new account rank boost, if you join and leave a bunch of low rank rooms, you can do it. Look on my in game profile. My lowest rank is 499 trophies.


I know( there is for example the paper rank) but it’s impossible to reach 0 trophies


I think it is possible, it’s just that it would take a very long time to do because you would lose closer and closer to 0 trophies when you get last, but it never reaches 0. You always lose a small portion of a trophy.


I’m at 756 I can’t get past it please help


you have to play β€œquickplay” games and you have to try to earn as many points as possible (staying alive for as long as possible or taking away points with weapons


My highest rank in trophies is 2040 currently on 1922


My highest rank is 1868 (master 1) lmfao i have skill issues so im usually diamond 2-4


ty for tips




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