How many games have you guys played in total?


Only 4300? I got only 2347 xD


Me like 7k matches ,level 31 (1500/14000 xp),remember guys this game is about to turn 1 year😋(feb 26th)lul


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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I played for 2394 matches.


I have played for 5 months with around 1050 games which is around 7 games a day on average

My rank is currently top 20
I got top 100 for the first time after 400 games of playing


363 days of playing CF Pro and i have made 3050 games


skilled padawan are you, I reached diamond 8 in my 1000th game, GM c.a. 1500.


Just realized I played 120 games in 7 days. :rofl:

At 4506 games now.


About 200(0).


Well… it’s 6700 now - in 30 days I played 2400 games which gives an average of… 80 games per day :crazy_face:


geez you guys have a lot. I only have about 172 and been playing for about 2 weeks in total. I am gold and my friends started at the same time, and they are at like gold 3. :slight_smile: