How many games have you guys played in total?


Are you diamond?


You must play a lot if you have that in a few months. I’ve played since the start 26th FEB 2018 :raised_hands:

i was Master at one point till one day I lagged, but yes currently I am Diamond 4


wow that’s so cool, i’ve played w u before


only have the insignificant figure of 6700 games, fyi some ppl have gotten top 100 with 36 games :wink:


Not people, cats.


how is that possible??


Ask to hohoho and meow xd


Mostly they used second accounts, and if you manage to win almost every game out of the 36 you can do it. The hardest part is getting high ranked opponents because you get more rank with them.


only 249 lol


I deranked, and it’s now 5300 :sunglasses:


4380 games here


Lmaooo only 391 games xD and only gold 5. i was a diamond till i left a game and lost 20 points :frowning:


Only 4300? I got only 2347 xD


Me like 7k matches ,level 31 (1500/14000 xp),remember guys this game is about to turn 1 year😋(feb 26th)lul


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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I played for 2394 matches.


I have played for 5 months with around 1050 games which is around 7 games a day on average

My rank is currently top 20
I got top 100 for the first time after 400 games of playing


363 days of playing CF Pro and i have made 3050 games


skilled padawan are you, I reached diamond 8 in my 1000th game, GM c.a. 1500.


Just realized I played 120 games in 7 days. :rofl:

At 4506 games now.