How many crates can I own (at the same time)?



Hello there,

I created my account a long time ago when CFpro was just starting but I never really played CFpro until now.
I don’t have a lot of time but I still do a few games per day.

I have a question about crates.

Let’s say that I have 0 crates pending.

I play one game : I win it. So I get a gold crate.
It goes to my CRATE INVENTORY ; the coundown starts.

Then I play a second game : I get 2nd. So I am supposed to get a silver crate.
But it says that I don’t have any “place” to receive a crate.
BUT, when I go to my INVENTORY, I see that I have 7 other slots available?

I might miss something…
(I’ve been playing for 2-3 weeks without winning more than a crate per day and it’s looooong)

Thanks in advance!


If you already played with two powers, you can’t get a crate again with the same powers. You can have 8 crates in total, so you would need 16 different modules to fill up all the slots!


Oh! It makes a perfect sense now :innocent:

Thanks a lot for the explanations!