How does reporting work?



Can someone explain how reporting someone works - I already know to right click on their name, choose a category and add a summary of the problem but beyond that I have many questions.

  • What happens to the reported person? - mute, ban, warning etc.
  • What information is helpful to include? Is a link to a screenshot(or a couple) useful?
  • Does the subject get notified who reported them and why?
  • Do I get notified if they are banned/muted/otherwise?
  • How long do I have after an incident to report them?
  • Do you need multiple reports before you take action?
  • What kind of things beyond swearing and inappropriate usernames is okay to report?

Aaaand I’m probably taking this too seriously. :neutral_face:


Welp not a mod or dev and u never been reported or i never reported someone ( maybe 3 times) and idk what does it do


:no_entry: REPORTING

There are many ways why you might report someone. Below you can see what the most common reasons are, along with some helpful tips. Reporting does help; we handle each case personally. No exceptions.

For all information about reporting, please visit this topic.

Side note: this link from the beginner’s guide is broken or the topic doesn’t exist anymore.


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Yeah that is because a certain someone deleted it :joy:




Hey there, I see you have a few questions, so I’ll answer them.

First, the reported person receives punishment upon being found guilty and it depends on their behavior. Usually people firstly receive a warning. If they ignore the warning they receive a mute and finally a ban, if they keep on making trouble in the game.

Second, it’s enough to write the reason of your report and to select the correct category.

Third, the reported person wouldn’t know who has reported them.

Fourth, you don’t get a notification when someone you’ve reported is found guilty.

Fifth, this is a bit difficult to answer, but it’s always good to report someone before the start of your next match.

Sixth, a single report is enough as long as the moderators found the reported person guilty.

Seventh, there are many reasons a person could be found guilty. You can check the game’s FAQ to see all of the game’s rules. But I will write some reasons on this post anyway:

  1. If players are teaming
  2. Inappropriate VIP profile picture
  3. Suspension of account boosting
  4. Suspension of account sharing
  5. Chat spamming (a but obvious, but still)
  6. Players harassment
    And more.


What is account boosting?


That’s when a player is playing against their own alternative account to rank up their main account way faster.