How do you get more gems without buying them


I need more gems but i cant buy them but i need them to open chests so how do i get them ?


You don’t need to use gems to open chests. On each chest you see a countdown showing after what time you will be able to open it without paying gems. The countdown starts at 20 hours.

You should look at opening chest with gems as an investment into more chests. Say you have a crate that it still 2 hours from being opened, and you’d like to play a new match, you need to make one of two choices:

  • open the crate. This means you will pay some gems, but you will receive 1 more crate (for the match you play)
  • don’t open the crate and play this match for XP points (or not play this match and wait for the crate, but that’s not usually the fun option). This means you will only get XP points for a win, not a new crate, but 2 hours later you will be able to open your current crate for totally free.

It’s up to you, the amount of gems you have, up to your strategy if you value points for module upgrades (which you will get because of winning this additional crate and opening it somewhen later) more than gems, or do you value your gems more (which again depends on how many gems you have at the given moment). Either way, it’s part of the strategy and you need to find the best one for you - but you never need to spend your gems for opening the crates. You always can just wait instead (and possibly play for XP in the meantime).


Now the only legit way to get gems is opening crates and crates and crates…then u need to wait 20 more hours and open a new bunch of crates again


ok thank you i did not know that