How do you find the new update?



How do u find the new update that now the mode pickup is in Quickplay?


The default game mode is now Pickups. I don’t think you can go back to normal.


U can create a match and took the mode power.
But how do u @FToRespect find it that pickups is now i custum games?


I dislike the new update, but what is done is done. We just have to hope that Geert changes it back to normal. To be honest, worst update imo.


This is not that bad. I like.


It’s awesome. :smile:
I really like pickups, so I was often frustrated when most of the custom rooms were (what used to be)normal mode. Although now I know how to make my own. :joy:


I like pickups, but I don’t like having a permanent pickup mode on quickplay. Quickplay is mostly on luck now. :frowning:


QuickPlay is not Quick now


I admit that it’s a bit more luck than skill now.
But it breaks a bit the OP weapons. So it’s ok for me.


@sokoban try to win with fever + jump its si easy now


@The-Golden my results are still very uneven :joy_cat:


ive never liked pickups before and i hate them even more now


well rip angle users xD once i get thick using angle the moment i wanna turn i die like bruh and fevers are weakness to angle so ya impossible to use it in qp


Btw i think that reverse and thick pickups disappeared


they need to get rid of pickups it keeps kicking everyone out mid game and i think its because pickups is too much for the servers thats why its been so laggy




Crates are bugged


i agree


not thick only reverse


i dont like the update a lot cos even tho its fun it has made the game very luck based. I think there should be like an option to choose which mode we want to play in qp.