How come CFP isn't block in my school?



Hey guys this BIGDROJAS here, and I’m here to ask a question that many of you may wonder too!

I was wondering, how come CFP isn’t blocked at my school. The rest of the other curve fever games are blocked except CFP? Why’s that?


Same thing happening to me! IDK why tho either…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Maybe because it has a different domain…

Opposed to —.com


Probably, yeah. .io games are blocked so your statement is very logical.


Yea see I know maths


LITERALLY one of my teachers plays curve fever pro, just because he saw us playing it on his tracker and now he is in on it now :joy:


W o a h what rank tell him to 1v1 me


I think he is silver now; idk know his username and since I am doing testing I can’t ask him AND we played before friending came out


Hahahaha holy moly

We are also doing testing I’m in California


He actually plays with the whole class sometimes, :rofl:


I am in California too! :open_mouth:


I wanna friend him,it’d be cool if i do


I Think its because of .io is banned


lol there should be a way to download the game before it gets blocked


I can only play curve and
Rip me I’m bored
BUT OTHER KIDS CANT PLAY SURVIV.IO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I found a glitch in the system :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face: secrets


ooh pm me pls


There was a glitch before to play anything but it got patched after a while… :frowning_face:


Tell me the secret to play!


I said it got patched!


oh ok