How about new skins?



I told myself that new skins could attract people and, especially for those who already have all the skins could have new ones …
I therefore propose to create new skins. Do you have a pro curvefever site where I can give my ideas? Or do I say them in a new topic?


idk what webside, but this game isnt getting developed anymore. the devs had left curve bc they are bankrupt


In case u do make sure they r less than 350 gems :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes, of course xD


Are there no more developers? Is the game actually dead?


The game itself is not dead.
Since October 2019 (if I remembered correctly), the company (Hidden Monster Games) got bankrupted, so the developers had to go find a new job else where, thus no updates frequently.


Someone has a fancy new shield I see. Congrats dude!


Thank you. :smiley:


so there are never any updates?


Not a 100% no.

It may come as a surprise that there may be one, since Geert surprised us with the Pickups mode recently. Highly unlikely that there will be updates.


what if geert added a mint skin


It’s a shame the game is not open-source (yet) so that we, the community, could improve it further. I mean, if the company is bankrupt (still waiting for an official note about that, btw.) why not donate the code as OSS? They could even use a license (I don’t know which tbh), that allows for contributions but not for clones (maybe except development instances).