Hoping Wireds Ego is ok


If the player called Wired is in the forums, I’d love to talk to you more. Our conversation was basically, I killed you once in the game, you said you’d feed on me, that I was a potato (weird insult but ok) and that I was nothing. I beat you in that game, a second game started, I stayed last the entire game while you were in first, between every round you bragged, told me how bad I was and insulted me. In the last 2 rounds I hit you 5 times, hit everyone else twice and won, you came last. Just wondering how your ego is, because you blamed everyone else in the game before running away.

I just want you to know it’s alright. You’re 100% the best player ever.



you were just lucky.

i so poor :’(


Welcome back to the forums, not sure why you’re replying to me, a simple potato.