Homing Needs a buff


I know me and many of you think homing missle needs a buff i would prefer its cool down to be reduced to 8 or 7 seconds because in my opinion 10s is way too long!


I love homing missile as it is


Homing is already too op imo xd
even tought it is 10 sec, it is super easy to hit And steal more than 10%


Homing isn’t OP


Homing is very effective in close ranges,ez to aim,+10% steal effect ,anybody can handle it,so this power is op af,and small arenas(4 player games)make it even more op :joy:,homing =no skils xd


What requires some sort of skill is speed zap in close quarters. It gives me a yikes feeling when I think about it


Agreed where homing is overpowered. It seems that the more over powered a power the more people ask for it. Zap and scatter both steal way too much but the forum is full of people asking for they to be buffed when they in fact need a nerf. The throw off the balancing of the power system, as does homing and fevers. Most of the powers that have been getting buffs recently should be nerfed in order to make it so that skill is the only factor in winning and not just sheer luck that your not forced next to a zap or scatter user that lets them steal 70 points with one tap and win the match from 5th place with 0 survives.


The most I’ve stole is 50 from someone so yeah


Agree that homing is kind of op, but not in small arenas. Anyone with two fevers is much better there because you have less space but same size of fevers which don’t disappear. Besides because of cooldown you can shot 10 fevers in 20s but just 2 homings.


Same homing is kinda OP :joy:


HEH heh heh look at it now sniff sniff


It is still good


No it isnt :joy:


I believe it is perfect now :slight_smile:

Devs, please keep it as it is <3

*i’m serious.


Wow stooooopid thats just my opinion


I won a game with homing only. You just have to play it differently.

P.S.: Don’t call people stupid just because they have a different opinion as yours.


Its kinda just a weaker 1 shot


Its just for me trash now becasue it does not steal as much points


Also il just change it