Hitbox Change In the Last Update Is Awful


It makes angle turns super clunky to play with, sometimes you just randomly die on air and you can’t make small adjustments when there is a line next to you because you will just instantly die. Can Devs Please revert this change because I don’t think it serves any purpose and angle turns is nerfed enough.
This chain of awful updates is gonna make me quit tbh


This was not changed in the recent update… this is there since the start of angle turns. It is known that this is an issue but so far they did not tackle it so i think it will stay like this for a while.


Maybe not the recent update but maybe since the friends update it defintely feels different now. I have to play alot more safe because turning in some place insta kills you even if u turn right after, when that didn’t before


I agree


I will check with the devs but according to the patch notes they did not change anything. Believe me I played corner a lot and it was always a little fishy.