High ranked gameplay ❤



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Wow! Ur the real pro!


Really enjoyed the video! Good choice of music :slight_smile:


Thank you man, I really enjoyed that you enjoyed that :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I liked the syncing of the last drop and the last laser on vathes winning you the match :smiley:


Glad you liked it, I made sure to let Vathes see that at least 5 time allready😜


i wanna watch you and vathes videos so much but cant get youtube :cry:
from the comments they sound awesome tho


Well you can’t anymore because they all quit


yeah legolas told me in a game
its sad :cry:


Cant you still watch youtube vids without a account? You only need a account to comment and like videos.


no i literally cant get youtube
i meant the comments on this forum not on youtube


What do u mean get youtube? It’s free, and all u have to do is search it up


uh i have restrictive parents


u think u have restrictive parents, u should see mine. Just use incognito mode I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Gameplay is rigged as people like me are struggling to get expert while @Legolas, Smit12, and T_T have Star


or they just naturally talented or spend more time on it?
i see smit on like all the time.
didnt no he was star tho
congratz smit if ur reading this


I miss this type of gameplay. Going threw walls and KO. That was the gamestyle i liked to play.


Good old times <3


I miss this game mode sooooo much…effects and visuals were lovely.

Hope that it gets added back in as another mode. Unlikely, but I would absolutely love it.


that was so much better