Hi! I'm Aezy


I have been playing for a few years now, with a couple of breaks here and there.
Started 5 years ago (or so) in cf2, acc name: Coqqslapper.
I actually only stayed because of the corner item, its the only thing in cf i can always enjoy 8)
Furthermore I really loved cf3, ripsaw + green corner was just awesome;
acc name: Aezyr1on.

soo finally i decided to give cfpro a try, in hope corner will be as good here as it was in the previous versions :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see some people I’ve met in cf2 / cf3, anyone here? :slight_smile:


It’s good to see you, @Aezyr1on

Come to think of it, the last time I played CF2 was several months ago. Might as well start playing some day!


@Aezyr1on! I remember you. We’ve been playing CF3 together :slight_smile:. It’s nice to see you again here.


sup aez
glad you’re here mate


Hey, I remember you! NICKK or Kcin from cf3 here :wink:
PS: corner is really strong here, it has good defence (-30%) against attacking modules of others. It’s also easy to dodge attacks of others. Try with laser or timebomb


aye i remember ya from cf3! my nick in cf3 was hier :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to see u again @Aezyr1on