Hi all CFPF users


New to Curve Fever Pro or already a regular player? Whatever the case may be, this is where all of you lovely curvers can say "Hi":wave: and introduce yourselves to the community!
Hi all this is my 2nd post and I just want to say hi to all!:slight_smile:


Hey David. Welcome to the CFPro community. From how long you’ve been playing the game? Do you like the game? :slight_smile:


Hi theangelov! I started playing this game some months ago and I like this game 10/10.:smiley:


Welcome to the community!


:smiley: thx!


Btw i have 2 accounts

Its just a test

ah yes




:joy: this meme works every time someone makes this topic :joy: welcome tho!

Quick Tip:

Always search for similar topics before you open a new one :joy:, it is very possible that it already exists!


:smiley: thx!