Hey hey ho ho bring homing back yo!



In the recent update, my favorite module, homing missile, got nerfed horribly! Now it steals like nothing, and doesn’t go through lines! What am I supposed to do now!? :disappointed_relieved:
I want homing back to normal!
P.S. the description for homing still says that it ‘flies over lines’


Homing was changes to give beginners an easy module to hit players. I think it is a good change and it is still not so bad. If you don’t like it, well learn to use other modules :joy:


The homing Nerf was very necessary to make it easier for new players. Now if only we could get them to nerf zap or scatter. :rofl:




they nerfed it by like 1 percent or something, not nearly enough haha


no it used to be 11% and now its only 5%!!!


ik i was talkingg abt zap and scatter


oh ok


I am not gonna keep playing this game without the homing. I stop to play right now. Do the same!

Homing come back!


There are 27 different modules in the game you can choose from to mix & match and you decided to not play the game due to a change in one of the module? You, my friend, need Jesus. :eyes:


Glad you added that middle part, otherwise it was quite confusing coming from You himself.


Already said some homing friends will be disappointed but lets face it it was super strong and they were lokong for a module for new players and homing is perfect for that.


hm users were very annoying those old days,every single noobing missile users hit me anytime ,everywhere ,couldnt deal with them LOL,thanks god for over nerfing iiitttt


I just won a match against 2 diamond players, while playing on mobile and with homing and jump… I understand if you feel homing is nerfed too much. Let’s see the stats, but we will keep homing like this for a while to see how it truly works out


mobile is frickin hard u must be a god


I see I’m going to have to up the stakes…
If you like this and vote for this…


no way noob that is certain death for all!


DOn’t bring religion in to things dude. Not everyone actualy believes in religion anyways.


Bro it’s a joke


Warning: Opinion ahead
I personally am quite content with the changes to homing. In my opinion, it always seemed out-of-place with the other modules. For the other blast-type modules, you have to aim decently well. For fevers, you have to aim ok and time well. Zap and scatter require close range combat, risking the change of getting cut off. With the old homing, all you had to do was guess where your enemy was going to be and shoot. I found it especially annoying when people would use it in close range just because they didn’t have to aim. The new homing serves its purpose and fits in better giving you more range from single shot but fewer points.