Hey devs, just some suggestions


Hey devs…
I have an idea that might give CFP some more substance and play-ability.
I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but I came up with the idea of “Challenges” I guess or something like that, but an example could be, “Hit 3 different players with the ‘One Shot’ module,” and by completing the “Challenge,” you might be rewarded with gems, xp, or battle pass points. This would challenge players and encourage them to play the game more. Also, I was thinking about “Clash Royale’s” “Crown Chest”. In the game, you earn the chest by beating opponents and gaining a certain amount of crowns for the chest, depending on how many towers you can destroy in a single match; the total amount of towers being three each game. You must get a total of 10 crowns to unlock the chest, then, the chest vanishes and you must wait a certain amount of time before it is available again. This ensures that players will always want to play and will always have loot available all the time, which in turn will increase play-ability and maybe even popularity.
But its just my thoughts on it and maybe some of the people in the community will agree.
Thanks for reading :blush:


challenges sound like a good idea


Dang that sounds lit