Hey Boys... It's Been A While


Heheh. Hi again. Have’t been on this game or forum for while. I’m sure you guys already forgot about me. :smile: I recently came back to the forum and saw that you devs were pushing toward steam?! That’s fascinating. Its crazy that I got to watch this game and the people on it grow so much and you guys have come so far with this game. I just wanted to say congrats!!!:tada:. I also saw the new team mode and I was really excited to play this great game again. Hello!


:heart: Welcome back! Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to us! We’re all happy to have you back here and in-game :hugs:


Hi again in CFPF!:grinning:


hi rageyounq,i remember from a tour we planned some time ago,and im glad u came back to give a shot about some game swaps