Here's how to fix the chat lags


It’s been known for a long time that when people spectate the game and chat actively, the game lags a lot more. I found a way to temporarily fix that, in case you’re tryharding for rank or playing in a tournament.
TL;DR: remove the chat element using DevTools (F12 button using Chrome).

Here's how to do that.
  • Step 1: right click on Match chat and press Inspect.


  • Step 2: in DevTools window find element which has class chat-panel.


  • Step 3: press Delete button, and the chat should disappear.

You won’t have access to chat, but this can be very useful if you prioritise performance over communication. Also, don’t worry, you can reload the page later to see what people have said.


That was a really clear explanation, AND IT WORKS! Thank you!


@74R45 very useful hack … I am sure you are not the first one to use this haha, great explanation tho <3


I don’t get where div class-chat panel is…


@74R45 i’m used this advice to remove ads😛