Here's Angel! It's bright and full of luck!


Here’s a look of the new skin of the Battle Pass, “Angle”! I love the look of it, well done with this skin DEVS!.



That actually looks soooo cool!!!


It’s new favorite skin in the game!


damn i havent even reached bee skin yet


I haven;t even got Starfish.


I thought the skin is the Angel, not the Angle. :joy:


@Stardust-12217411 I just saw the mistake, thank you for telling me! LOL I was in a rush to put it on topic! THANK YOU


Oh… you have already got it? :frowning:
I wanted to be the first (but without battlepass boost it’s a little impossible). I hope i will be at least the tenth player with this skin :slight_smile:


I’m uh tier 10 or so without the bp


21 tiers to go…


2616 ahead!