Help me please


I need help I in silver 1 and need help, I am good at the game but not good enough can one of you help me like combos or anything?


easy. Multi and double are my faves


I have seen that combo highly effective but hard to use


use multi and one shot then


ok thank you


your welcome


nah fuck that if youre struggling you gotta use a combo with jump or brake i recommend one shot jump or multi jump




also, send me a friend request so i can teach u




I’d recommend using thick fever simply for the point-steal, and brake as down ability.


Let me know if you ever want to practice.


use brake in the beginning, but dont soley rely on it, eventually switch over to jump bc its more practical


or pwr dash too! you can still get zapped if u jump


you should use fevers that they dont mind running over like clock block or steer-less


yuh steerless is underrated, and clock block is good for lobbies with a lot of fever users