[help me] Bad News


if you school has unblocked the chrome store maybe there is an extension you can get


Still nothing :frowning:


you can play cf2 that’s all i got sorry


Can you try to install vpn plugin to the browser? Like browsec or something. Sometimes it helps even though the connection speed will be worse.


Just tried the VPN still nothing but, before I start with school ima hop online on my dads’ computer @Mad and @HHHHHHHH I have tried both suggestions as well…

still no luck D:


From an older post with the same issues.


same thing happened…


@daRealPig Once you do get it back (if you do) don’t click on invites, as they always make it blocked it again at least for me anyway. It might happen to you too.


I have made my decision, I will be quitting curve fever for the rest of this year and up untill January 12th when my youtube channel comes out until then I will not be playing in anything accept the tours that happen in that time! I may pop online to chat every once in a while.
I will keep using the forum until then!
Thanks to everyone who tried helping, I am so thankful that you took your time to help me with my gameplay.

R.I.P my wifi :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:


imagine using a school laptop


imagine being poor and using a school laptop that is faster then the other two computers you have in your house (me and my life)


i use the school Chromebooks but at least my school doesn’t ban games


for you


bruh where do you live?


use another google account cuz since u use school account or use on another computer thats all i got


have you tried using a different computer lmao


yes @zon It is just quite laggy!


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQZTMLJ2Q0Gb7Qj6w8BseVg Channel go sub it new




kinda a late reply… do you have any other comps? If not, ask your parents if you can play for a bit on THEIR laptops ;D…