Hello to the community



Hi, im kyzend, last week i was a little bored because nothing to do, bad weather, and i had a flash of intuition and remenbered this game i loved to play back in hightschool (CF2 a the time).
After an hour of searching the name i finnaly stumbled across CFPRO and really loved how the game has evolved during last years.
So here i am, starting CF again since last week, currently GOLD 3, hoping to get better :slight_smile:
beside that it looks like i’m joinging while the devs have stoped working on it, is that true?
Hoping to see you all IG !


Welcome back to the game @Kyzend. It’s nice to see old players of the games being around. I hope you enjoy and have fun. Also if you are interested in tournaments, you could try one of the upcoming one. It’s always fun and interesting to try it out, because you could improve yourself and get better in the game.