Hello its me



How is this not the first thing I did when i got on the forum. IDONTKNOW. Anyway, Hellos i’m the real IDONTKNOW, i made another acc but put in the wrong email,so this is me the real one. My name,you will never unless u personally ask and even then u still may not get the answer you were looking for. SO… SAY HI,HOWDY,HELLO,HOLA,HELLOS,HEYS,HIYO,or WASSUP. You can say more if you want.


Hi @therealIDONTKNOW
Enjoy forum!
ALSO sign up for tours :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You weren’t kidding when you said you loved to talk :rofl: . Welcome to the community while you’re here subscribe to my Curve Fever youtube channel. Vids dropping June 30. Link in my bio.


already do onetime i played with u on curve




nice to see you joined the forum c:


thankee we love all ur wonderful comments children