Hello all!



Hello all,
My name is @Aron123 and I have been on cfp and cfp forum for a lot of time but I want to introduce myself for those that don’t know me.
So I have a youtube channel!
I play piano, guitar, drums, and cfp on my channel!

Newcomers read this!

New to Curve Fever Pro or already a regular player? Whatever the case may be, this is where all of you lovely curvers can say “Hi” :wave:and introduce yourselves to the community!

Thank you,



Im a bad curve fever pro player. Except recently I have done exceptionally well with my new account called Mystic Gohan. If you didnt already know I looooooove dragon ball. My one quest in curve is to reach my former level gold 4 from back like 2 years ago. It is a tough quest. My other acc that used to play was Keren and Keren’s Shadow but Keren is laggy and I got tired of being called Karen and being assumed to be a girl. Thats it… Really nothing else to say…dont know why im still typing…unless…anyone wanna be buds ?! :innocent: :pleading_face: :drooling_face: :white_flag:


Okay well, I’ve introduced myself before, but i guess i’ll do it again. So, I’m in game I’m IDONTKNOW. Most people just call me idk. Sometimes that can be confusing, but if you look at the context in which it is being spoken then it’s not. I like giraffes and reading. I sometimes read books about giraffes. I also have a stuffed animal giraffe called Mr.Twiggs. His first name is David. My favorite fruit is the orange. I like it because … it tastes good. My favorite food is lasagna. Lasagna is the pasta in stacks. What can i say, I know my pastas. If you have any concerns regarding this message or anything else i can help you with, feel free to DM me. Welp, pasta la vista baby!


Hey @therealIDONTKNOW,

I know you from global chat!
Hope you be in the same match with you!

Thank you,


Hello there @SuperSaiyan,

I think I have seen you before ingame at Mystic Gohan. Maybe you want to be friends with me on my account CurveMaster?

I would love to be friends with you because the more friends I have the merrier I will be!

Thank you,


Lol. That sounds like a deal!
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also i like candy mostly the sour kind.