Hello (again?)! :D


I’m Shieldy! I have a long history with this game dating back to curve fever 1 but I’ve never formally introduced myself. I was bored at college and decided to play this game again but was pleasantly surprised by the nice community. Going to definitely be playing this game a lot more than i was in the past!


Hi Shieldy!
I am NOT working with Curve Fever Pro, but it’s good to see you playing this game more. I hope I will see you around. Please, can I have your Curve Fever Pro username? I would like to see you in a game or a private 1v1. Maybe let’s get in touch,


Hi Shieldy, nice to meet you :wave: I’m Line also an OG player of the achtung die kurve games haha :joy: hope to see you in-game some time.


Hello @Shieldy
Welcome to the community :smiley:


Sure! my ingame username is Shieldy.


In Curve Fever 2?


Ohhh, i currently play the new curve fever. I havent gone back to CF2 yet. Ill see if i can remember my name xd.


Oh, I play it too, but I don’t know where and how to friend you, or people in general. If you know how, then friend me. My name is here:



There is no friendslist atm … normally we just communicate over discord… However the friendslist is a much wanted feature by the community so hopefully we will get it sooner or later.


I remember seeing you on cf3. Nice to meet you, Shieldy, I’m Taras.


yeah, I’ve been pestering devs to add it since the release of the game… xD


Wassup @Shieldy!:smiley:


Hey whats up!


Oh hey whats up. I think i remember your name.


Hi there @Shieldy, nice to meet you! :wave::robot:


Nice to meet you too :smiley: