Happy Holidays! 2022-2023


Hi all!
Another year has almost past and I want to wish you all happy holidays. :sparkles::christmas_tree:
A lot of stuff has happened this year so let’s summarize some of the highlights and look ahead what you can expect in 2023.

First of all I want to thank all of you for being part of this game and community.
Even though I didn’t have as much time as I would like, I still really enjoy working on Curve Fever.
This is all because of the amazing community.

Looking at 2023 you can expect more updates with more bug fixes and of course new content.
Below you can find some of the new features that are planned that are on the top of the list.
But let’s first look back at some of the things that were added in 2022.

  • Player profiles
  • Statistics
  • Personal records
  • Improved match history
  • Camp mode
  • Referrals to get free gems
  • Rewarded ads
  • Replays were added back
  • New settings popup
  • Keybinds
  • Netcode improvements
  • Improved connection handling
  • A bunch of new custom match settings
  • Improved custom match host controls
  • Improved match list
  • Rejoining improvements and abandoning
  • Two new battle passes (A massive thanks to @depth1)
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and smaller changes…

That’s quite a list of things since I’m doing the development side on my one especially since I was away for a lot of months to do a bunch of overtime at my fulltime job.
Hopefully the list can be even bigger next year!
Here are some of the planned updates in no particuilar order.

Gameplay update

  • New pickups
  • New power
  • Gameplay fixes

Teams update

  • New team modes
  • Team mode fixes

Competitive update

  • Rework leaderboards
  • 1v1 ranking
  • Ranked seasons with rewards
  • Rank buckets (leaderboards) for lower skill players

Cosmetics & shop update

  • Purchasable treasures (loot crates) that give cosmetics
  • Customizable emotes
  • Emoji packs
  • Shop rework
  • More cosmetics…

Progression update

  • Improved power unlocking mechanics
  • New XP and leveling
  • Improved rewards for progression
  • Profile badges

Some other noteworthy features on the list

  • New server infrastructure for improved game performance
  • Clans
  • Tournaments
  • Video recording/sharing

Aside from these new features I want to focus a lot on fixing bugs as well to improve the stability of the game.
I likely won’t be able to do all these things in the upcoming year with my limited time but hopefully by the end of 2023 you can see most of these things in the game. :pray:
Let us know which of these updates sounds the most exciting for you and they might be done first.

Once more, thanks all for sticking around and wishing you all a very happy last few days of 2022.


Very cool, one thing though. There is a spelling error at the last sentence it says “alll” when it should be “all”. But, grammar is a small thing, can’t wait for these updates!


Wait I didn’t know about gem referrals. How does that work?


Its when you share the game to a friend,
Check in shop -gems its there under the gem crates


thanks for everything Jos, been a long year (even though that makes no sense since all years are 365/6 days :smile:) thanks for spending so much of your free time to develop the game and everyone is looking forward for next years updates :tada:
Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:


Press on the shop, then gems and in the bottom center theres a button which you will have to press. Then your friend has to signup after opening your link. You will get gems according to if your friend reaches certain amount of levels on the acc.

Thanks for the hardwork Rojoss and everyone else in the team. Its a great feeling being part of this awesome community. To a great 2023! :heart:


Thanks @Rojoss this is awesome and I appreciate your passion and support for the game! Im most looking forward to new power/team mode/customisable emotes

But it all sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks again and Happy New Year! <3


new power was my suggestion, and I look forward for it.


Also I want to say happy new year for all of developer and player, hope curvefever get better and better in 2023


Hi Rojoss and team,

as always good job in the past year! You guys put out several cool updates that players seemed to enjoy a lot. Hope you guys had some relaxing holidays!

Any spoilers on the new power?
When can we expect the upcoming updates? Any set plan or hints you can give us?

Cheers, Line