H e c k i n g l a g




so i played one game and won, no lag

played this game and hecking heck there was some lag.
i was in second place and then my arrow keys stopped working
and after the game was done this heappened.
yellow was circing infinitively and ye
so i was forced to quit and lost SOO MUCH RAAANNNKKKKKKK

first of all how much rank do u lose if you leave and second there should be a way to leave without losing rank because the lag is killing me


I suggest that you check you have a good internet status before you play so you don’t have any issues with the game lagging.

first of all, the amount of rank you lose depends on what place you are in and the amount of rank you lose is randomized (i think)

and also, there is a way to not lose points even if you leave. you are basically still in the game even if you leave so, you can join back into the game before its over. :+1:


but you still lose rank if you are in last


Ik, but you gotta try your best even if you are lagging. Never give up!


There won’t be an option to leave without losing any points. If you leave you will get last and therefore lose the most points.