Guidelines for unofficial events



As all of you know we like to interact with the community and let everyone enjoy it as much as possible. One of the things we like to organize are Official Tournaments or other events. These are normally held one time a month.

Our community has a lot of creative and enthousiast players which like to bring their own input concerning events. That is why you can host unofficial events yourself. If you’d like to host an unofficial tournament or event that’s great!

Below you can find some guidelines/instructions and info how to do so! :smiley:


To host an unofficial event you may create 2 topics for it in the tournaments section.

  1. One of the topics will be for the announcement and where people can sign up.
  2. The second topic will be the place where people can post the results and where you can state who won.
  3. Additionally it’s fine to create a video of the finals and post it separately but don’t just create another topic stating who won.

When creating the topics please set a proper title that follows the following format.
[UNOFFICIAL] {description of event}
[UNOFFICIAL - Results] {description of event}

We do this because the quality of each event may vary a lot and we might otherwise get complaints or feedback for unofficial events because they seem like the official ones.


  • You may put your own rules for the event such as powers, player count and so on. You must still abide to the game rules!
  • It’s recommended to give people at least 5 days to sign up.
  • Do not create multiple events simultaneously.
  • Check the dates/times of official and other unofficial events when planning your own.
  • For the dates and times please provide the time zone so everyone knows exactly what time to show up.
  • You have to make the schedule yourself. (you can ask help from other players or ask tournament moderators for some tips)
  • We do not provide any rewards for unofficial events currently.
  • We do not punish users for behavior during unofficial events. Exclusion is harrasment or intolerant communicative behavior.
  • This means you can’t setup a rule like if you don’t show up you’ll get banned…
  • Purposly disturbing or causing problems during these events will result in an action.
  • The Curve Fever team holds the right to rename, edit or close your thread when not keeping to these rules.

As a last reminder: the official player rules and guidelines apply to these events. People going out of control won’t, obviously, be tolerated.

Thanks for organizing this cool event for the community! If you have questions feel free to contact the team. credit @.rojoss

(Unofficial) Tournament One Power - 4th October
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