Guide: Understanding your Powers



Values updated for update 1.4.7

The Passives are finally getting some love instead of just being 1 level stronger than attacks.
Nice to see Multi and Double shots are more closely balanced
But rip the previous tier-system fevers followed; they are now all their own thing.


Nicely done … maybe u should post the stats at lvl 12 as well because thats the real max lvl :joy:


Values now updated for update 1.4.8

Rip how powerful the shield was (was 2872). But, to be fair, the shield’s ability was a lot more useful than thin’s.

Also, this was fun to notice. This typo got me stuck for a few minutes, constantly redoing my math wondering how I got something wrong. Come to find out, was a mistake on the dev’s part. :joy:


Not OP xD


At lvl 12 they r both 4k+ :joy:

Also --> SCATTER :heart:


Values now updated for update 1.4.9

OMG. Double is finally being seen as the weapon with less utility. Finally some divide. :clap:


Previously, this guide was made to compare every Module/Power once upgraded to an equal level. As of Update 1.5.0, these levels no longer exist - instead opting to put every power on an equal playing field by default.

Values are now updated to their new percentage format, and the section of the page that previously discussed how stats were being calculated now focuses on a new mechanic: how defensive modules now interact.