Guide to Angling like a Pro



Hi guys. I’m just really bored, waiting for my account to ACTUALLY LET ME LOG IN, so I just decided to make this. This will teach you how to angle like a decent player.
Why you should use angle: It works great for anyone with missiles, including laser. It also makes it very hard for speed/invis zappers to get to you.

First of all, when you angle, remember these three tips.

  • Don’t Hold Down the Keys, and Lightly Tap Them.


*Do Not Turn Too Fast, Especially if You are a Beginner.

Second of all, these are the two methods that are the best for angling.

  • Traveler’s Method: Travel the arena, and cover as much room as you can. You get closer range, and is better offensively. Fevers and mines also have a harder chance to hit you. A disadvantage though, is that zappers and missilers can hit you easier.

  • Isolation Method: Isolate yourself in a section of the arena, to take shots and to survive. This is especially good for angle laser. A disadvantage though, is that if you are using angle laser, it will be harder for you to get out than angle time bomb, and feverers and miners can just bombard you with fevers until you make a mistake.

K. Third of all, These are the best duos for angle.
Angle+Laser (req. lv 56), or Angle+Time Bomb (req. lv 44).
Laser angle:
First of all, this is my favorite out of the two, and to do this, you can use two methods. This requires more precision, but it is very good. You can use the laser for survival too, because it can work as a nerfed stop, with angle. You can take your opponents by surprise, by charging up on one side, and then immediately 180 or 90 degreeing to face them. It takes a long time to practice, but it pays off.

Time Bomb Angle:
With this, you can be a little less careful, because you can use the mine to blow up lines, and for offense. One hack with this, is that you can survive indefinitely if you are careful. You can go into the newly made crater from the mine that blew up, and you can angle until your mine recharges to make a new crater. This is an incredibly hard technique, and I don’t recommend it until you are better with angle.

Lastly, I’ll share with you some things you can try when you are better at angle.

  1. Staircase angle:
    This is when you press left, right left, right, continuously, to make a staircase. This is a good technique for getting out of diagnols.
  2. Saving yourself last second from a failed gap attempt:
    Let’s say that you are trying to aim for a gap that is a little under you. then you turn to the right, but a little too late. Normally, you would run into the line, and not make it through the gap. But if you turn right again, then left in a very short time, than you would be saved. This is a hard technique, and it is basically a staircase, but a lot faster.
  3. Angle, then use curve:
    This is a very hard technique too, and it requires you to angle until your angle runs out, and then recover very fast. The reason this is very hard, is because most people cannot recover fast enough, or their angle runs out too quick, and they die. You have to find the perfect balance of when to start curving.
    Anyways, I hope this helped you newbies <3


I didn’t know that you can do all of this stuff for one module.




very useful thanks for making this man


Interesting and helpful!