Guide: How to report




You encountered a problem with something, Ayyyy. No worries this thread should help you… I hope :slight_smile: Problems exist to get fixed and that’s what we’ll help you with! You can have a problem with:

  • Something
    • You can not access your account
    • You have in-game questions
    • Payment question or problem
  • Someone
    • Someone is breaking game guidelines
    • Someone is cheating
    • A player not being nice (insulting,…)

There are many others options possible to! The list above is mostly to indicate the common situations. For other options you may click on Give us feedback! - Report a bug - General help


Before you report someone:

  • If it is about someone, please have a conversation. Don’t contact support if you can solve the problem by talking to each other. Try to have a respectful and constructive conversation to solve the problem first.
  • Collect enough information about the incident! Who, what, when?
  • Has the answer to my question or problem been posted? Check out here!

Reporting someone:
It is important for the team so we can help you correctly and give you the best service by replying and solving your problem as fast as we can. That’s why we require certain information from you. You can contact us through our online support service or by e-mailing [email protected] . For Curve Fever 2 you may also use the cheaters sub-forum.

What do I need:

  • Please contact us with the e-mail you registered your account with. We will need to verify who is contacting us.

It is important to mention:

  • Which game version? Curve Fever 2 or Curve Fever Pro
  • When did this happen?
  • (Option) Who was involved?
  • Describe the incident as good as possible
  • Provide us with pictures, video,…

Certain things will have no result in solving your report. That’s why we ask to respect these points. Our team is working on a daily base to assist you to the best of our ability!

  • Don’t message the person who is handling your report in private, this will not speed up your process. All communication towards your report will be done through our support service.
  • Please do not fake report. This will lead to both parties waisting time.
  • Do not get people into the report who are not directly involved.
  • We suggest not to publicly share information concerning the report. This will only lead to it becoming bigger than it is. We would like to handle each situation personally and give it the correct response.

The Curve Fever Team does not do :

  • Recover deleted accounts
  • Recover accounts involved in account sharing
  • Transfer titles or currencies
  • We do not shorten punishments
  • We do not allow namechanges unless they break the guidelines
    (this list is not limited to the content mentioned, for more information you may read our guidelines.)

I hope this thread has been a help to you! Always keep in mind it is more important to talk than report. We believe our community is mature enough and can easily get along with each other. Don’t be afraid to contact the Curve Fever team either, we will always assist you with any problem or question.

~ Your Curve Fever Team