Guide for defending against Laser + Angle turn players


Here’s a simple guide for defending against Laser + Angle turn players. I believe a diagram won’t be necessary as I have tried to be as clear as possible.

If you connect your ship with the Angle turn+laser player’s ship, it should make a line segment which is parallel to one of the “diagonals” (ideally). The less the slope between this line segment and the “diagonal”, the more “inside” the safe zone you are.

By “diagonal”, I mean one of the two diagonals of a square, the sides of which have the same slope as the orthogonal lines of the laser+angle turns player’s curve. This is not necessarily same as one of the two diagonals of the board/field (unless the angle turn player’s lines are parallel to the borders of the board …which they usually are because it’s much easier for an angle turn player to navigate that way).

Since the situation is always dynamic, try to be as much “inside” the safe zone as possible to be the safest. A very dangerous laser+angle turns player can put you out of the safe zone very effectively by changing the angle of the perpendicular lines of his/her curve (by waiting for the angle turn ability to run out, changing the direction normally and then activating the angle turns power again) instead of traveling the distance to become parallel to you. Easier said than done.

And yea, a good angle turns+laser player won’t just attack you with laser when angle turns power is activated and can just attack “normally”, so having a general awareness is always useful.

I have used this strategy very effectively against the best Laser+angle turns player - 74R45 (currently #2 on the leaderboard so also one of the best overall). I don’t claim to have a positive win-rate against him but I win quite a lot … at least more often than others :stuck_out_tongue: . I have very high respect for this guy because what he has done is essentially innovation - using a combo most of us wouldn’t even dream of using and becoming very high ranked with it - and that I believe is the highest level of achievement in this game as a player.

And that is exactly what I strive to achieve. I personally have done that with thin+angle turns. The best rank I got with thin+corner is #34 (after the defensive nerf). But the extent of my achievement is not even close to his because thin+angle turns isn’t “my” combo. There were a few players playing that combo before I even started playing this game because thin+angle turns is a common mode of gameplay in curvefever 2 and also the difference between #2 and #34 is -
Well, my thin+angle turns skill is rapidly improving and I plan to reach 2000 rank (that would be top 5) with that. I like to believe that it’s still possible even after the most recent update in which the defense of the passive modules was significantly reduced (and attack of the attack modules was increased). Let’s see how it goes. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

PS: I urge those who have laser to use (or at least try) 74R45’s combo. If I had laser, I would use this combo like all the time. Not a lot of laser players use this combo and that’s sad. It has great potential and it’s a pretty dope combo. It will have a bit of a learning curve but the effort would be worth it as 74R45 has already demonstrated. It’s not even uncharted territory now because of the courage already taken by one guy.

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Thanks Sarah!
Also, this game is a lot about learning to adapt to your opponents’ playstyles, so this strategy is more like how to play against me in particular :joy:

But I’d really love to see more people using this combo, since the limits of it are unreal, and you can do so many cool things with it once you get good.


:joy: all on @74R45 now or what … in that case an even simpler guide to not lose against him … don’t play against him :joy: jk obviously :*