Guessing Game!



Let’s play a guessing game. First of all, I send you Statistics from one Curve Fever Pro player’s forum summary and you got to guess who the player is. The first one to guess the right person will get a like from me to their comment and then they can create a new guessing question. Let’s begin.
The person of who I am talking about has visited this forum 345 days. He or she has read forum posts for 4 days in which 9 hours are recent read time. He or she has read about 15 200 posts, given about 2 400 likes, created about 1 100 posts, 28 topics included in them. He or she has received about 2 000 likes and has given 7 solutions. Who is (s)he?

Note: it’s not me!!!

What's That Topic? - A Property forum game

Must be someone everyone knows :thinking: --> @theangelov ?


I guess it’s @Line but since he bet on angel, I am unsure. So rather @the_hashtag , @theangelov or @Property i think


It’s @Line for god’s sake :joy:.
You know you could have just checked his forum account, right? :joy:


I checked mine first :joy: but didn’t want to bet on me haha :joy:
I guess Shen won :heart:


I doN’t want to disturb u but u can look up on this page all accounts and their data, @Alpha provieded


@Shen, revive pl0x


i get a new one to be guessed,the one who reached 1K +replies in at least one of his/her topics
go replying guys!!!,it’s so easy