GREEN SPEED IS NOT DEAD --- MOVIE by wolfsshadow



Hey guys,

I created a movie of my best kills with essentially speed burst. I am a speeder from cf2 and I would like to testify here that green speed is not dead and we can play it in curve fever pro with a lot of fun.
I really like this new cf, even if I expect a lot for the future, but I am totally confident with developers who did a great job.
I hope you will like this video, please comment it if you like or even if you dislike it.

I hope the number of speeders playing curve fever pro will increase because it is really funny!

Thanks to everyone,


nice video mate :smiley:


Niiceeeee Wolf! :heart_eyes:


Awesome! :open_mouth::smile::grimacing:


These speed jumps are really cool! Nice job!


Amazing - the kills are great but the editing is severely on point ^^


Aw man, way too sick video wolf :heart_eyes:
The title already gave me a warm feeling but then I saw your kills and the video editing.

Loved every bit of this video, I wish I could give your post multiple likes. Really looking forward to see more from you.
After watching it I’m really pumped to play CF Pro with the boost module.

Bravo wolf!


Nice video and nice edit! :slight_smile:


Hold my water, I can do this.


No really, it is nice!


Oh thanks for all the nice message :heart_eyes: I could not hope for more compliment ! I took a lot of pleasure to do this video and I hope developers will find a way to emphasize importance of speed in this curve fever pro :smiley:

Really thanks to everyone for the message ! (rawil I never see you playing cf pro, come play speed with me bro :smiley:)


Very nice video Wolf! Those speed jumps are insane😲


Amazing stuff bro.Surprised no one mentioned the last part of the video,5 smooth kills ,u owned the round ,great job.


whoa 2 much skills
wp all games
I need to work on my skills

note to self: First get ur fuking skills up or u will be the next person getting killed on a video for all to see
Secand never play with the wolf (fuk can’t see who is in quene


Haha man, just practise a lot, dont be scared to take risk and you will do it :wink:


I didn’t play much but once u see me I promise I will give u a good fight


Someone make a video just like that using thick fever…


get @Heya to do one - he rekt me with thick fever a few times now xDDD


omg pls nerf


Ikr - the developers need to nerf wolfshadow. Too OP for this game xD


Power of speed! I already see some people playing same playstyle, it is working mannnnn ! :smiley: