Green modules and Christmas skin modules look almost the same


Just like the subject suggests, the green modules look almost the same as the Christmas skin modules.
This makes it hard sometimes to see whether it’s your own module or the green player’s module.
I have been giving free points to the green dude a lot of the times cause of this lul.

It would be cool to add some light strands on the modules to make the skin even more unique, cause the other skins have their modules changed. It would be fair and also help to differentiate them from each other.

Can this be added/changed?


What? You mean items on the field right?
Those already have the Xmas skin texture?


Lol I just checked it and I haven’t noticed until now that the mines also have texture.
I guess I’ll change my question to: can it be more visible/obvious?
The stealth mine is the most trickiest one to differentiate.



Its sometimes also an issue with the pink vs purple, especially with mines and stealth mines.


Pls replace violet,cuz it looks alike pink


So… were the suggestions for changes considered?


Probably not gonna change, we plan to make a lot more skins and it’s an ipossible task to make them all completely distinct.


I think for the Christmas skin and the green skin the easiest solution is to make the light strands on the powers just brighter so when you see a stealth mine you can know it’s the Christmas skin’s.


Yeah I agree half the time I am hitting a green colored mod, if we have the same ones on the field, thinking they are my christmas ones and losing points for no reason.


Jungle is very similar as well


:slight_smile: @discobot doing this for badges


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


he talks?


Yeah I noticed that today too. Green and jungle ones are almost identical, only the shade is different.

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