Greatest Adventures / Tell everyone your Hero Curver!


Hi Everyone! This topic is all about telling something crazy that happened like a glitch or tell everyone your hero or post what you think about some people, don’t use bad words though. Also :sunglasses: tell us if you found a hack! :sunglasses:


I look up to @Line alot.

One day, Line…
one day.




One of my greatest adventures was when i went through such i tight space :open_mouth:


@ozzzj is mine




I’ma be real @Earsinge is someone also @Youu b/c I’ve played with them both


My hero is… @hohoho


GUYS watch my comeback today, IT"S ME BIGDROJAS!!!


And new record for most stolen points!!!


WP that is what that kill myself to keep my points get.


Nooooooooooo you broke my record of 400


I learned a lot by watching @big_aur playing


I’m self taught lol I’m gold 5 @BIGDROJAS what happened I thought you were like diamond 3


bruh you are like the tfue for this game


this was pretty funny :joy:
(round 3 and 4)


My brother started playing on my account, so he messed my account again!!!


My hero is @Line


Another dub!!!


My rank went down from rank 3 diamond to rank 1 :frowning:.


what does tfue, mean? And thanks? LOL