Graphics Quality


I have a pretty decent laptop that can play a lot of games, even gta5 in low graphics settings so i thought i could play on ultra or high graphics on CFpro but it was unplayable. I tested a couple games and the game is only playable in the minimum settings, low graphics and anti-aliasing, shadows, particles at OFF. I’m using chrome browser, I didn’t really feel like trying other browsers cause you cant change setting in game so if i start a game and it’s unplayable i have to leave the game… but i would assume chrome should work fine
Is this normal? How is it with other players?


Could you please tell us what your screen resolution is and your CPU (and of lesser importance your GPU)


Here are some tips that can improve the performance.
Especially have a look at the following;

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Create guest account on Chrome
  • If you have an NVIDIA GPU also check out the guide to use the dedicated GPU


thanks for the input, i managed to fix it. I updated my graphics driver which also came with a manager where i could tell chrome to use my nvidia instead of intel gpu